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T-shaped dispenser

Safety dispenser for ratticide baits


Mice and rats

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Scheda Tecnica T-shaped dispenser

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New concept dispenser, suitable for any type of rodenticide bait. Made of sturdy gray plastic material, it is resistant to atmospheric agents, studied in detail and is certainly the most innovative object on the market.

The safety lock with French Allen key that already distinguishes most of the Ecorodent line and the special internal protections make this regulator inaccessible to unauthorized personnel, children or non-target animals.

Its particular shape and vertical positioning allow the dispenser to be placed even in narrow places or where the installation of horizontal bait dispensers is not possible, allowing maximum camouflage with respect to the context in which it is installed. The dimensions of the inlet hole make the dispenser easily accessible to both mice and rats, the large compartment on the front of the dispenser also allows rodents to move easily inside.

Use environments

Homes, cellars, garages, storage rooms, private gardens, factories, offices, warehouses, landfills, public buildings and HO.RE.CA

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