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Baits Topicide Bromus Hobby Block

Rodenticide bait in block - Bag 300 g - Biocide (pt14) IT / 2018/00462 / AUT


Mice and rats

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Scheda Tecnica Baits Topicide Bromus Hobby Block

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Price: 10,98 €

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Rodenticide bait based on brodifacoum. Ready to use, palatable, with a mix fruit aroma, it does not alert and does not raise suspicions to the other members of the rodent population.Containing bitter substance that makes it harmless to non-target pests.

Use environments

Homes, cellars, garages, closets and private gardens.

Mode of Use

Place inside safety ratticide bait dispensers or out of reach of children, unaware people, pets and non-target species.

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