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Trap Catching Insects Red Top Flycatchers

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Scheda Tecnica Trap Catching Insects Red Top Flycatchers

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The trap is composed of a resistant nylon bag with a maximum capacity of 3 liters to be filled 2/3 with water and a plastic lid with a raised hat in the center (trap entrance); the trap is fixed by a string attached to the lid. Each trap is supplied with instructions for use and a sachet of dehydrated protein flour-based food primer effective for up to six weeks. Particularly suitable for stables, kennels, places of containment of organic matter and any other place infested with flies. Field trials have shown its effectiveness and how the trap has come to catch up to 12,000 flies in one week. - Dimensions: 19.5 (Ø) x 26.5 (h) cm

Use environments

Gardens, verandas, porches, fences, children's play areas, landfills and waste recycling sites and HO.RE.CA.

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