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Mice Capture Dispenser Fusion Box + 2 Snap Trap Mice

Safety dispenser complete with mechanical traps for capturing rodents


Mice and rats

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Scheda Tecnica Mice Capture Dispenser Fusion Box + 2 Snap Trap Mice

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Fusion Box is designed for the use of flexible monitoring systems, typical of the food supply chain, where there is a need to use different weed control techniques. Measurements: 24 x 22 x 11.5 cm Thanks to the higher lid, it can house snap traps for rodents, two for mice or one for rats. Possibility of housing an adhesive cardboard for monitoring crawling insects (simultaneously with snap traps or bait) or, by removing the trough-tray, it is possible to place a glue for monitoring mice and rats.

- Construction in polypropylene resistant to shocks and atmospheric agents;

- Locking with safety key;

- Removable feeder for easy cleaning and maintenance;

- Simultaneous monitoring of rodents and crawling insects.

Use environments

Homes, cellars, garages, storage rooms, private gardens, factories, offices, warehouses, landfills, public buildings and HO.RE.CA.

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