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Any public environment needs maintenance, both for physiological and public health issues, and for aesthetic issues. Schools, gyms, and even open spaces such as parks, gardens and streets must be safe places to spend time and let children play in peace.

Enjoyment by the public can be determined by such factors:

In each of these cases, we can intervene to monitor any infestations and constantly keep the situation under control, also providing a consultancy service and therefore, if necessary, advising the corrective actions to be implemented to avoid the presence of pests in a given environment and to obtain excellent results in the performance of the service itself.

With our pest control service, we can intervene to eliminate or limit infestations caused by pests and insects, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, bedbugs and ticks among others. The disinfestation of schools, public gyms, gardens, squares and streets can be done using different methods such as spraying, applications with gel (ideal for cockroaches and ants), ULV treatments (perfect for infested interiors), through the ecological technique that uses heat (which kills any weed in all its vital stages) or fumigation. All the techniques used are low environmental impact and the devices used are authorized by the Ministry of Health.

One of the worst problems that can happen in a school or in an outdoor garden is the presence of mice and rats in the places where children play, study and eat. Discovering the presence of these rodents is very simple because rats and mice leave different traces: excrements in the places they frequent, gnawed cables, foodstuffs placed in warehouses or pantries eaten or more simply, you can see them while walking from one place to another.

Rats can be dangerous for two reasons: they can create physical damage such as those described above, but they can also be carriers of very dangerous diseases for humans.

If you have notice the presence of a rat or a mouse it is very important to proceed with rodent extermination.

Our team will carry out this service in total safety for you, the environment, animals and children.

We use both chemical methods through the use of special glues and rodenticide baits, as well as ecological methods. Ecological rat extermination takes place in a completely different manner than the chemical one, through the installation of Ekomille, an electromechanical equipment for capturing mice and rats. It works naturally without the use of poisons or harmful substances. The rodent, attracted by natural bait, is instantly captured as soon as it tries to eat.

To keep the environment free of rodents or at least guarantee a low level of presence of these pests, an isolated rat extermination intervention is not enough, since rodents present in nature are greater in numbers than the human race, it is impossible to exterminate the species. It is therefore necessary to set up and schedule a complete monitoring of the building and the surrounding environment to keep their proliferation under control, in order to avoid future infestations.

In addition to rats, mice, mosquitoes and other insects, gardens, roadsides and squares can be infested with weeds and brambles. With our weeding service, we can intervene to keep the environment tidy and orderly. Weeding can take place totally or selectively, based on the need and the problem in place.

If the green spaces are not subjected to regular maintenance, weeds or brambles can take over and create uncomfortable situations or simply prevent their use.

In addition to weeding, the maintenance of public spaces also includes the care of greenery. Flower beds, planters, roundabouts, parks and gardens make our city fresh, but they need maintenance to keep many types of pests away, such as mealybugs, aphids, bacteria, viruses, fungi and caterpillars of the lawn, which attack mostly ornamental plants, or olive flies, from cochineal and lymantria dispar, which tend to attack fruit plants.

Identifying an infestation in gardens and open spaces can be quite simple, as plants react immediately with a change in appearance.

Our intervention will be accompanied by expert entomologists and phytopathologists to identify the ongoing infestation and take the best care, ensuring the safety of the surrounding environment and of the people who frequent those spaces.

Another problem, which can occur especially in busy squares, in historic buildings and outdoor monuments, are birds.

Seagulls, pigeons, and crows can become a serious problem both from the point of view of hygiene and from the point of view of sound; birds can be carriers of insects such as ticks, fleas and mites, but the greatest damage is created by their droppings.

In fact, guano is very corrosive and a carrier of bacterial and respiratory diseases.

For this reason, it is good to equip popular squares, outdoor statues and historic buildings, with appropriate bird removal technologies.

Remember: all birds in general are animals protected by law and cannot be injured, let alone killed. For this reason, we advise you to turn to experts like us, who will intervene with technologies that do not cause any injury to the animal.

We collaborate very often with public administrations to ensure safety and hygiene in public places such as gyms, nursery schools, kindergartens, gardens, squares, municipal and state buildings, libraries or amphitheatres.

If you are interested in a quote or advice, contact us at +39 0789 57 735, send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the form to receive a free quote.

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