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The health of employees and customers is fundamental. This is why offices, warehouses and shipyards must always include sanitization measures.

If you have a company or an office, you certainly have at heart the well-being of those around you and alarm bells like mold on the walls, unpleasant smells, gnawed cables and animals in circulation must not leave you indifferent.

Regardless of the problem you have or want to prevent, we at Gallura Disinfestazioni have the perfect solution for you and your business.

Work environments such as large construction sites and warehouses lend themselves to infestations of all kinds due to the incessant coming and going of people, vehicles, work materials and large spaces, which are difficult to control.

Mice, rats, cockroaches, ants and other types of insects can find the perfect environment in your building to multiply and live happily, thus endangering your work and the health of your employees.

For this reason, we can offer treatments and solutions for every type of problem: woodworm and termite infestation, invasion of crawling animals, colonies of cockroaches or rodents, molds, protozoa, viruses, unpleasant odors, and bacteria.

If your shed is flooded with unpleasant insects, you should think about intervening with a disinfection of the areas. Depending on the type of infestation, we offer you modern technological "fighting" methods that have a low environmental impact for your safety and the surrounding environment.

We can intervene with a method such as nebulization via ULV, perfect for saturating large surfaces of warehouses, deposits or construction sites. This is done by generating heat by large machinery, totally non-toxic, to completely eliminate the pest in all its vital stages. Or with interventions such as gel applications for cockroaches and ants, and also through spraying or fumigation.

One of the fundamental aspects of our work is the attention we reserve to all the pre-intervention phases: before choosing any technique, our team of experts assesses the type of pest and the degree of infestation. After which the intervention will be aimed at containing or eliminating the problem encountered.

Monitoring is the best way to avoid infestation of rats and mice.

Rodent extermination takes place by offering a service tailored to your needs with qualified personnel and the latest low environmental impact techniques that have the ability to be safe for people and non-pest animals.

Rats and mice leave behind many easily identifiable traces: excrements that have the typical elongated shape, gnawed cables, nibbled food in the pantry and more commonly still, are seen passing by with the naked eye.

Having an infestation of mice or rats in the company means jeopardizing your health, that of your employees and that of customers. Rats, in fact, brings with it several pathogens that are very dangerous for humans.

Furthermore, their tendency to gnaw can not only damage plants, but it can create serious safety problems: think of a gnawed gas pipe and the consequent gas leak and potential saturation of the environment.

Our team of experts are able to practice rodent extermination using both traditional and innovative ecological methods that do not interfere with the environment and the natural food chain.

When it comes to rats and mice, post-intervention monitoring is also very important so that the problem does not recur.

Not only that, even walls can become a receptacle for mold and bacteria and it is very easy to notice it because when the wall is not "healthy", halos and dark spots appear. Odors can also be an important indication of a possible infection, and even the color of the tiles can be a sign of problems.

That is why we at Gallura Disinfestazioni recommend a disinfection intervention to eliminate and prevent unpleasant and potentially very dangerous situations for people's health.

It is increasingly important to pay attention to the hygiene and disinfection of a room. As the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, sanitizing environments is essential to avoid the proliferation of the virus. For this reason, the Ministry of Health has decreed guidelines and techniques to be used to sanitize environments. Find out what techniques and products authorized by the Ministry we use to fight the virus in our blogpost by clicking here.

Dark spots on walls caused by mold are not only an aesthetic problem: molds, if you breathe them in, are very dangerous for human health and prolonged exposure can cause serious respiratory problems.

Environmental sanitation is also recommended following an infestation, especially of rats and mice, as they are vectors of bacteria and infections that are very dangerous for humans.

It is important to periodically repeat a sanitization intervention, because a single intervention cannot guarantee that the environment is always healthy. For this reason, we advise all our customers to rely on us to ensure the sanitation and hygiene of the rooms. Our technicians will intervene on an established basis to ensure maximum peace of mind at your workplace.

All the treatments described, and also all the other services we carry out, which you can find at this link, can also be performed inside boats and ships.

Contact us via the form, send us an email to [email protected] or call +39 0789 57 735 to request an appointment with our experts.

How much it cost?

Does a rodent control program do everything possible to prevent an infestation by rodents?

Rodent control makes the treated area or environment non-colonisable. It can never prevent temporary passing through of rodents inside environments, even if properly and regularly controlled. The first important step toward prevention of infestations is represented by the condition of the structure to be controlled. Our company will give you all the advice you need in order to make your locale difficult for rodents to penetrate, and making the rodent control programme even more effective.

We had a problem with rodents that you solved for us. How long do we have to continue with the service, as we haven't seen any more rodents?

The reason you do not see more rodents is due precisely to the fact that a periodic check is carried out. Terminating the service will result, in a short time, in the rodents from the outside recolonising the areas vacated by the former colony, nullifying all the efforts made to resolve the problem. Maintenance, in any industry, is performed to achieve the goal of preventing deterioration.

What diseases can be transmitted by rats and mice?

Among the major diseases spread by rats and mice are murine typhus, spread by ticks and mites that are parasites of rats; leptospirosis, spread by a bacteria present in the blood and urine of infected rats, and the infamous plague that, in the Middle Ages caused the death of 25 million human beings in Europe alone. Rats also carry microorganisms that cause typhoid, dysentery and rabies.

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