Villas and gardens

A villa with a garden needs constant care and maintenance, both in the internal and external spaces.

In addition to regular maintenance, which includes all environmental sanitation activities, it is always recommended to use professionals and experts in the environmental hygiene sector. It is highly advised to use the professionalism of experts to manage infestations or infections that may occur in your villa or in the garden.

Whether speaking about ordinary or extraordinary infestations, such as an invasion of lawn caterpillars or of grasshoppers, in both cases our commitment is to guarantee the safety of the environment with scheduled interventions. Most pest issues are more easily solved by preventing the problem and this is where our monitoring service against most pests will allow you to avoid running into any infestation problems in your villa or garden.

Externally, the garden can be affected by insects, animals, bacteria and weeds, for example:

The most common infestations inside villas or verandas are:

Whatever the infestation, we intervene with targeted and specific services for your case.

In the case of mice and rats infestation, we intervene with the rodent control service.

Our approach is safe and protected; in fact, we use rodenticide stations that are highly selective and allow the exclusive capture of mice and rats. Priming occurs through ratticidal baits flavored with food substances, avoiding contaminating the environment and disturbing the food chain.

This service does not guarantee the resolution of the problem if done only once; for this reason it is advisable to periodically and constantly monitor the garden or the rooms of the villa.

In case of the presence of fleas, ticks, ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and insects in general, our technicians will intervene with the disinfestation service. The case will be studied together with entomological experts to choose which type of disinfestation to implement and what methods to use over time to keep the environment under control and avoid the recurrence of new infestations.

When the plant is in a state of discomfort, changes in appearance can occur and often its primary functions can be altered, often caused by an ongoing infestation.

Thanks to the collaboration with experts in the sector (agronomists, entomologists and phytopathologists) we can identify what the underlying problems are that are causing issues in your lawn, garden, and plants. Usually these are attacked by mealybug, lymantria dispar, olive fly, aphids, fumages or caterpillars of the lawn and our green defense service is used to eliminate all the weeds in your lawn or garden. Using non-invasive systems, and activating a monitoring system over time, we can guarantee the total absence of weeds in your outdoor spaces.

One could also happen to see a viper or a snake pass in the vicinity of the house, as, especially in summer, these reptiles tend to approach wet and shady areas to drink from things such as plant saucers. We strongly advise against removing the snake independently, as reptiles are protected by law and cannot be mistreated, much less eliminated.

For this reason, we advise you to have our reptile removal experts intervene who will find the best solution to safely remove the serpent.

Woodworms and termites are insects that tend to attack the wood from the inside and weaken the structure itself.

It is not always easy to see an infestation of woodworms or termites, but you can identify the traces they leave: dust like sawdust on the ground, holes in the wood, noise of emptiness within the wood, etc. To understand what is the difference between termites and woodworms, we recommend reading this blogpost. In the case of woodworm infestation, we intervene with a totally non-toxic, heat-based system, which allows the total extermination of the infestation.

For more information, you can see the service here specifically.

For termites, however, the treatment involves the use of the Sentri*Tech system, with a very low environmental impact that does not cause any type of smell or noise. To find out how the treatment works, click here.

We will take care of your villa and garden. All our monitoring systems will guarantee you the well-being and tranquility that a garden deserves.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to prevent any type of infestation. Write us an email at [email protected] or call us at +39 0789 57 735. You can also fill out the contact form and request a free quote.

How much it cost?

Where do mites live?

Mites can live and grow in different environments such as on plants, flowers, animals, humans, water (even in salt water), but mainly in house dust (and therefore on carpets, books...), in mattresses, cushions, etc.

Does a rodent control program do everything possible to prevent an infestation by rodents?

Rodent control makes the treated area or environment non-colonisable. It can never prevent temporary passing through of rodents inside environments, even if properly and regularly controlled. The first important step toward prevention of infestations is represented by the condition of the structure to be controlled. Our company will give you all the advice you need in order to make your locale difficult for rodents to penetrate, and making the rodent control programme even more effective.

We had a problem with rodents that you solved for us. How long do we have to continue with the service, as we haven't seen any more rodents?

The reason you do not see more rodents is due precisely to the fact that a periodic check is carried out. Terminating the service will result, in a short time, in the rodents from the outside recolonising the areas vacated by the former colony, nullifying all the efforts made to resolve the problem. Maintenance, in any industry, is performed to achieve the goal of preventing deterioration.

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